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Persana Shoulders, Princesse Stephaney & Coca J Mesa Chosen 2017 Southern Decadence Grand Marshals @ Oz

SDGMs XLII Jeffrey Palmquist, Derek Penton-Robicheaux, Tony Leggio, and Felicia Phillips made it "official" on Thursday, May 18 when they announced the 43rd Southern Decadence Grand Marshals: Persana Shoulders, Princesse Stephaney and Coca J Mesa! The exciting 2017 SDGM Announcement Extravaganza was hosted at world famous Oz New Orleans, 800 Bourbon Street, and emceed by the reigning grand marshals.

Last year's grand marshals brought to the stage an interesting array of current and past grand marshals for some memorable performances before the BIG announcement.

Now the entire city is readying itself for the Southern Decadence Press Party & Sponsorship Drive on FRIDAY, June 16th... 7-10 pm at Bourbon Pub & Parade.

The Excitement Reigns...find out the OFFICIAL THEME, COLORS, SONG, CHARITIES, SPONSORS & unveiling of 2017 Poster! starring Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XLIII Persana Shoulders, Princesse Stephaney, Coca J Mesa & Guests. Quartermaster Deli will cater the affair.

Doors open 6 pm, enter @ St. Ann to the The Parade. $10 Door Donation. $50 VIP Tables of 4 (Contact Persana, Princesse or Coca for table reservations).

The Southern Decadence XLVI (46) celebration of LGBT+ life, music and culture is Labor Day Weekend, Wednesday, Aug. 30-Monday, Sept. 4, 2017.

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45th Southern Decadence Sets New Records: Over 216,000 Participants, Over $259 Million Economic Impact, Over $27,000 for Charity
( see page 6)

The numbers are in for the 45th Annual Southern Decadence celebration of LGBT+ Life, Music and Culture bringing in over 216,000 participants Labor Day weekend 2016 in New Orleans. With an economic impact of a over $259 million, this will be one for the history books. The economic impact may be much more since the spending average per person is based on a very conservative $1,500. Ambush Magazine/ contacted numerous businesses following the celebration to calculate attendance and economic impact through revenues, admit tickets, and customer counts. Many of the businesses were up 20 to 27% with some closer to 50% and even one at 100%.

Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XLII Jeffrey Palmquist, Tony Leggio, Felicia Phillips and Derek Penton-Robicheaux raised over $27,000 for their charities to split between New Orleans Advocates for GLBT Elders (NOAGE) and Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO). Funds raised $44,212.85 minus expenses $16,867.62 benefited charity raising $27,345.23.

The end of summer circuit weekend is the 5th largest in the city following Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Essence Fest, and French Quarter Fest. Since 1996, the celebration has had a 1 billion, $964 million dollar economic impact on the New Orleans economy, with estimated crowds now totaling over 2 million, 156 thousand.

Southern Decadence Financial Report/2016:
2,000.00 Beginning Balance
32,012.85 Total Fundraisers
10,200.00 Total Sponsorships
44,212.85 Sub-Total

51.30 Bank Fees
166.00 SDGM Sashes
315.00 SDGM Pins
6,000.00 SDGM Costume Allowance
15.00 Secretary of State Annual Report
500.00 Parade DJ
4,339.33 Insurance
507.77 Parade Sanitation/Cleanup
1,640.00 Police Detail
182.97 SDGM Invites
50.25 Parade Permit
100.00 Parade Expense
13,867.62 Expense Subtotal
3,000.00 Bank Account Reserve
16,867.62 -Expenses

27,345.23 Grand Total for Charities: 13,672.61 NOAGE Donation, 13,672.62 ARNO Donation

Official Southern Decadence Sponsors include Presenting - Official Southern Guide - Ambush Magazine, Official Website of Southern Decadence-, Official Vodka of Southern Decadence -SKYY Vodka, Oz New Orleans, Broussard's Restaurant;

Platinum - Official Drink of Southern - Tropical Isle's Hand Grenade, Official Beer of Southern Decadence - Bud Light, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Gay Appreciation Awards, Crescent City Tour Booking Agency, Official Home of Southern Decadence - The Golden Lantern, Elizabeth Bouvier & Gary Vandeventer, SDGM XLII Jeffrey Palmquist & Coca J. Mesa, Just Us Lounge/Biloxi;

Gold-Bourbon Pub & Parade, GrandPre's, The Double Play, Bourbon Pride, Misti Gaither (Johnny Passion) & Catherine Gaither, Irish Channel Funding, LLC, The Cheezy Cajun, Good Friends, Phoenix, Mag's 940, John Groth II;

Silver-Four Seasons & Patio Stage Bar, Cafe Lafitte in Exile, New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp., Rolling Elvi Inc./Jailhouse Rockers, Dr. Mac (Robert McWhirter), The Page, Harlequeen, Rawhide 2010, The Corner Pocket;

Bronze-Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli, A*Med Ambulance Service, Cutter's; and

Pearl-Dawn Leggio, SDGM XXVII Errol Rizzuto, June Pennick, Alexis Grace, Cam Zimmerman, Bonita Folse/Solitaire, Fabulous Flowers LLC, Jay Crockett.

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