Official Southern Decadence XXXVI (36)
Wednesday-Monday, Aug. 29-Sept. 3, 2007



Official Southern Decadence Poster 07


Electra City, Guadalupe & Marcus Martinez
Ancient Truth's Lies & SACRIFICE
Crimson, Teal & Gold
Beautiful Liar by Beyonce & Shakira
Over $150 Million

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Official Southern Decadence Poster
Photo: Arman,  Design: Gaudalupe

Southern Decadence Grand Marshals [SDGMs] XXXIII, Lisa Beaumann and Regina Adams, announced Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XXXIV (34): Guadalupe (Mark Thomas III), Marcus Martinez & Electra City at the Official Southern Decadence Coronation on May 20, 2007. The new grand marshals set the tone for the 36th annual Official Southern Decadence celebration with their chosen theme: Ancient Truth's Lies & SACRIFICE, colors: Crimson, Teal & Gold, song: Beautiful Liar by Beyonce & Shakira.  2007 is now history. (SEE 2007 HIGHLIGHTS BELOW)

2007 Highlights
Courtesy of Ambush Mag
Official Southern Decadence Guide


  • Southern Decadence Photos & Highlights Ambush
    (View w/Adobe Acrobat)

    1-5 |  4-the "official" dish: southern decadence numbers and economic impact
    6-10 |
    6-paparazzi/leather, bear decadence/new orleans
    11-15 |  12-thrillusions debuts at harrah's, on the boards
    | 14-celebrazzi, cartoon

    16-20  | 16-paparazzi/34th southern decadence parade/new orleans  | 18-Capital City Rodeo  | 9-order the official southern decadence poster (  | 20-sappho psalm, trodding the boards
    23-paparazzi/34th southern decadence parade/new orleans | 24-chop chop, cookin' with auntie dee
    26-30 |
    26, 27-paparazz/southern decadence highlights/new orleans | 28-clubs & krewes/new orleans | 30-paparazzi/10th southern decadence survivor's outer loop bar crawl/new orleans
    | 31-e-mail, letters
    | 32-2007 no/aids walk 33-the big diva 34-halloween 24/new orleans 35-one last song
    |  4-paparazzi/baton rouge |  5-hot tails of red stick/baton rouge
     | 9-paparazzi/sd showgirls & celebs/new orleans
    11-15 | 12-french quarter map
    16-20 | 20-paparazzi/34th southern decadence parade/new orleans

  • Giant Southern Decadence Ambush
    (View w/Adobe Acrobat)

    1-5 |  4-giant 76 page Ambush; over 100,000 revelers expected for 36th sd; sd parade sept. 2; 2007 sd parade route; hosts official sponsors of sd; drink, dine, shop, get a hair cut or workout for sd; historical reflections of sd
    6-10 |
    6-official southern decadence XXXVI | 7-mayor welcomes southern decadence visitors | 8-2007 marks 36th southern decadence anniversary
    11-15 |  12-radical faeries coronation aug. 31, clifton webb debuts new exhibit at dillard university

    16-20  | 16-paparazzi/nightlife in the land of wood enterprises/new orleans
    26-30 |
    26-paparazz/nightlife in the big easy/new orleans | 28-cookin' with auntie dee | 30-celebrazzi paparazzi
    | 32-chop chop/new orleans restaurant guide 34-trodding the boards
    36-40 | 38-sappho psalm 40-pride corner/new orleans, on the boards
    41-45 | 42-paparazzi/sdgms bar run, receptions, shows/new orleans 43-14th official southern decadence bead toss
      44-naked boys singing 45-book beat/reviews
    46-48 | 46-10th official southern decadence survivors outer loop bar crawl |  47-new orleans nightlife listings
    1-5  | 2-paparazzi/cocktails, swimming, shows, dancers, beer busts/new orleans
    |  4-clubs & krewes/new orleans
    5-mr. louisiana leather 2008
     |  6-paparazzi/18th miss gay louisiana america, hot shots/baton rouge | 8-hot tails of red stick/ baton rouge, allons acadiana/lafayette | 10-paparazzi/cocktailin' in acadiana/lafayette
    11-15 | 12-halloween 24/new orleans | 13-one last song/some pointers on decadence

  • Pre-Southern Decadence Ambush
    MAIN SECTION (View w/Adobe Acrobat)
    1-5 |  4-labor day weekend is sure to set records, 3rd annual bourbon street extravaganza
    6-10 | 10-parties, parties & more parties
    11-15 |  14-clubs & krewes/new orleans

    16-20  | 16-naked boys singing | 17-ambush paparazzi/new orleans
    |  21-celebrazzi, cartoon |  22-
    southern decadence press party paparazzi
     | 23-
    official southern decadence XXXVI  | 24-cookin' with auntie dee, chop chop
    26-30 |
    28-one last song | 29-e-mail/letters, on the boards |  30-ambush paparazzi/marigny
    | 31-ambush paparazzi/new orleans | 32-halloween 24/new orleans
    16-20 | 20-snap paparazzi/new orleans

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